As of 27 September 2010 this site is being hosted by Due to many circumstances, some listed below, Jimmys great archive of interviews & pictures was offline for a while. It's back online now. Pretty much all the work has been done by Jimmy over the past few years, I'm just pleased that he has agreed for us to host the site and keep the great Mod Heroes BACK TO ZERO in (some) of the Public eye.

From Jimmy..

Due to the birth of twin girls and already having an 18 month old son, my time is now severely limited. If you need something answered quickly, please send me an e-mail to this address:

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April 2006

As of the present, time is really not on my side due to a long term medical problem with two of my children (it's nothing terminal by the way), those of you who are perhaps curious can visit this site, the people here have been more help to me and my family than I can say. I include a link here as there is little awareness of Craniosynostosis, you would not believe some of the horror stories I have heard from other parents who children have diagnosed quick enough. However, I still remain dedicated to publicising what the members of Back To Zero are up to musically and will be endeavouring to spend more time on my PC more for the sake of my sanity if nothing else. Sam is currently working on new solo material and Brian is always DJ(ing) and I hope to get an update from him about The Buckets sometime.

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    I have done this site to celebrate one of the original and very underrated 79 bands

Back To Zero were an important part of the 79 scene. They were definitely one of the first and their recording output does not reflect how good this band was and how good they could have become if the media and record companies had let them develop.

Having met the lead singer, Brian Kotz (aka Brian Betteridge), through Sharnya Hale, who does the excellent "Solarflares" web site, I expressed my desire to put the Back To Zero story into a web site.

All the contents of this site have been taken from Brian's personal collection. The biography section is written by me from conversations with Brian. 

As coincidence would have it a few weeks ago Sam Burnett found his way on to the Purple Hearts web site that I do. The results of this has far exceeded all of mine and Brian's expectations. I put Sam and Brian back in touch and the results have been brilliant. Putting there past behind them they are reforming Back To Zero to record the album they should have done in 1979. This also has made this site much bigger and better. Watch this site for details of the album.

It would also be nice to find the other members:

Mal Malyon (Bass), Andy Moore (Drums)

The other members who followed will also be welcome to contact me:

Nick Sinclair, John Wheeldon, Craig Lappin.

It would be greatly appreciated if you could point them towards this web site or my E-Mail address:

Any stories, pictures or comments will be greatly appreciated.

Enjoy the site.


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