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Due to the birth of twin girls and already having an 18 month old son, my time is now severely limited. If you need something answered quickly, please send me an e-mail to this address:

The hotmail account is checked daily at work, apologies to those who have to had to wait for answers to things.

March 07 - General News

Brian Kotz now has his own My Space page, located here:

Brian recently pointed me towards this at the Tangents web site, a review of 'Your Side Of Heaven', scroll down the index and have a read.

March 07

Due to persistent problems with Orange, who took over Wanadoo/Freeserve last year. The site has had to moved to a new address, which upsets me greatly as the web site had been based there for seven years. My personal experiences of dealing with orange have left me with a bad taste, technical centre based in India has been clueless, there on-line help sent me some e-mails with link to help files - all of which did not work, the level of incompetence and disinterest from Orange has lead to me to moving the site. They came out as worst provider on Watchdog recently, I find myself in total agreement.

March 2004

The following is from Brian about "Mod Aid 20"


Over the weekend of 29/30 January, 2005, I attended and participated in the recording, in London, of the "Mod Aid 20" single, "Whatcha Gonna Do About It"/"Afterglow", to be released on March 7th in aid of Tsunami Relief and the Band Aid Trust. It was one of the most amazing weekends I've ever experienced. Jim's asked me to write something here about it all. Instead of a blow-by-blow account, I've decided to attempt to list my reasons why it was so special for me - my own personal take on the proceedings.

* I met, and bonded with, some terrific people over the weekend, whom I now unreservedly count as friends. Mark and Mim Parham, who did such a brilliant job of co-ordination for the project, are at the top of that list. And Mark le Gallez, who has done such sterling work for over 20 years down in Guernsey, flying the flag for my kind of music with his label and bands, and a fellow traveller who finally arrived at the same stop - cheers mate!

* Some of the greatest names in 60's music came along to contribute to the recording. Seeing Ronnie Wood in the studio was mind-blowing - he laid down a classic slide-guitar break. he was saying hello to everyone, and clearly enjoying himself. The Troggs' Reg Presley was along, as well as Chris Farlowe, Andy Ellison of John's Children (who was happy to give me a career update for a friend in Boston) etc., and of course, PP Arnold - what an amazing lady. I remember "First Cut is the Deepest" being played on "Pick of the Pops" when I was 6 years old, and now she's an acquaintance - blimey! Seeing Pat run excitedly towards the fine assembly of scooters with a camera before the video shoot is a defining image of the weekend. Needless to say, her vocal contribution is incredible.

* Fantastic to see so many younger acts taking part, and having a dream of a time. Thanks to everyone who gave me their CD! I've already seen one band, Peacock Avenue, live since the event, and they were superb. Oh, and there were those likely lads from Portsmouth, The Dynamics - whose manager, Debby Cozens, has a belief, tolerance level and "chutzpah" for her task that showed me, by example, why I hated my brief excursions into management and PR last year. It needs someone like Debby to take a band to the next level. The Andrew Loog Oldham of the South Coast!

* Mark Joseph. What an incredible talent to grace the record. The gals loved him, the guys admired him, and it was so refreshing, after the "tortured artistes" and mercenary "Networkers" I've encountered int the recent past, to meet such a nice, genuine musician who has achieved success without resortinf to using people or throwing any toys out of prams. it does happen sometimes!

* The record was made at Gizzard Studios, owned by my friend Ed Deegan. Ed used to be number 2 to Liam Watson at the world-famous Toerag Studios, and I remember when he built Gizzard with his former partner. he's already overseen some great sessions in the gaff, but to see all those amazing musicians and acts in his rooms made me really proud of him. He was 100 times more than "the engineer" - he was our host, we were his guests, and he was a prime factor in the weekend's success.

* I must also mention the "Magick Potion" New Untouchables do, which Rob Bailey deemed as the "aftershow" on the Saturday night. It's the best club I've been to of Rob's int the 13 years that I've been dropping into them. Totally my end of the musical spectrum! After experiencing one of my most bizarre car jouneys ever (which I won't go into here), to arrive at the club and be welcomed by the Parhams and my mate Jim Bishop is another defining memory of the weekend.


I'll admit to having had a love/hate relationship with the Mod scene sometimes, over the past 27 years. Sure it's where I'm from, but I'm 44 now, and musically speaking, as far as I'm concerned, it's all Rock & Roll. But the recording of Mod Aid showed me what can be achieved if a scene gets itself together to do something positive and creative. It also showed me that a large part of my life has been absolutely worth it. There'll always be a Modernist influence in our culture. It's laid the foundation for so much.

A reunion with an old mate from the 90's, David Abrahams-Edley (known to the planet as Tetley) has resulted in plans for us to record a track together for a compilation - discussions are already at an advanced stage. I'm really made up about this, and I'll post more about it on this site, as and when. It was also, of course, great to run into my '79 contemporaries Simon Stebbing and Buddy Ascott, as well as a whole bunch of faces, old and erm...less old.

(By the way, I'm in the chorus somewhere)....

Brian Kotz
February 2005

December 2004

Mod Aid 20 and News From Brian Kotz

A "Mod Aid" 20 record, featuring two Small Faces covers performed by similarly influenced musicians from the past 40 years, is being recorded at the end of January at Gizzard Studios (where friends of mine such as The Treliks, The Priscillas & Holly Golightly have all recorded stellar music). Proceeds will go to the Band Aid Organisation to help the millions of displaced and starving in the Darfur region of Western Sudan. I've been doing a lot of reading up on the situation there, and it is bloody depressing. I thank the record's organiser, Paul Hooper-Keeley for giving me the opportunity to help in some way. The record will be released in February on Paul's Biff Bang Pow label, distributed by F-Minor, and available everywhere.

I'm now singing with a terrific group called The Buckets, which also includes Professor Blinding on bass (ex-Felix Moment Power Trio), Bruce Brand on guitar (ex-Thee Headcoats and dozens of others) and Eric Bucket on drums (Parkinsons, Ulcers). We play late 50's/early 60's rhythm & blues/rock & roll (a bit on the Johnny Kidd and The Pirates' side of things) and performed our first gigs this Autumn, with more to follow in the New Year. I'm also DJ'ing fairly regularly at The Dirty Water Club (my second home)! and generally raving about to the detriment of my health. I must make a New
Year's resolution to eat more greens!

Compliments of the Season to everyone, and have a wonderful and peaceful 2005, love from Brian.

May 2004

Excellent review of the Back To Zero album "It's All Relative" in May's addition of Scootering magazine.

April 2004

This is just to let everyone know what is happening with Back To Zero. As some of you may already know, Sam & Brian have gone their separate ways musically.  The details of this for my mind should stay within the members of Back To Zero. It's very unfortunate and I would like to apologise to both Sam & Brian for the chaos I inadvertently brought in to their lives. The album has been well worth the wait and the people who got a copy have nothing but praise for it, I hope that it was worth it for both Brian and Sam.

Jimmy, April 04

Long Tall Shorty have a new lead singer in Brian Kotz. Sam, Andy & Mal would like to wish Brian and LTS every success with this new line up.

An independent record label has expressed an interest in releasing all of Sam's work with post Back To Zero band "Kindergarten". Sam has also recently met up with the members of "Rubella Ballet".

Back To Zero have had offers to play in Japan, Brazil, Italy and Poland with or without Brian. Sam has turned these down mainly because it is too in practical for him and it would not be Back To Zero without Brian.

A record store in Tokyo has recently a number of copies of "It's All Relative".

"Back To Back" may be added to a compilation album - more details as they come in.

December 2003

You can get a copy of the album "It's All Relative" on-line here:

April 2003

Brian And Sam have done interviews for Steve's web site at:

Updates on gigs and the album coming soon.

Apologies for my lack of activity - just became a dad.

December 2002

Back To Zero would like to wish all there fans a merry Christmas and a big thanks for your support.

The album is finished and rehearsals for gigs will be starting early next year. Hopefully some sample MP3's of songs from the album will appear on this site. Samples have been delayed due to lack of understanding of software (my fault) and an over busy Sam Burnett not having had a chance to do it.

Also Mark Malyon has found a BtZ demo tape from early 79 - no more details about this as of yet. But I hope it gets some sort of release - more details as I get them.

July 2002

Graham Lentz book the "Influential Factor" is out now. There are major contributions from Brian Kotz aka Brian Betteridge. Follow the link below for more details:

May 2002

Just a quick round up. Brian has been frequently guesting with Long Tall Shorty on stage. If you see LTS in London, Brian will probably make an appearance.

Graham Lentz book the "Influential Factor" is coming out soon and there are major contributions from Brian about Back To Zero and the 79 mod scene.

The recording of the album is progressing nicely and will be well worth the wait. I have a heard a few tracks and it reminds me of The Who from the "Who's Next" period. Sam and co have done the songs from 79 proud, watch this space for more details.

   September 2001

   As of this week all four original members are now on board with this site. Andy Moore was found by Brian on the Friends reunited web site. This has been a good thing as Andy is happy to play drums again for the band and will be in the line up to play gigs in the new year.

Mal found the web site, again through Friends reunited. I have put him in touch with Sam, Brian and Andy. Mal now lives in France with a wife and three children.

Expect to see interviews with all four members of the band soon.

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