Links to other Mod Revival bands.

Purple Hearts - The Purple Hearts Site.

The Chords  - An excellent fan site dedicated to one of most underrated bands ever.

The Small Hours - A good fan site dedicated to another underrated top 79 band.

The Jam - Official site of Paul Weller's finest moment.

Brian's Favourite Sites.

Vivien Of Holloway - My mates line of retro clothing. Particularly check out the range of "Esso Man" T shirts!.

Plastic Heroes - Easily one of my favourite bands in London. If Bolan and The Stones had gone to New York together this is what they would have sounded like.

Moonhoax - Cool 'n' jangly pop band from Massachusetts featuring some close friends of mine.

Da Capo Records - Michel Terstegen's 60's/alternative collectors record shop is the best in Europe!.

The Garage - Steve Coleman runs the best 60's-related music links/resources site on the web - if you haven't been there, what's keeping you?

Links to other Mod Resources

Detour Records - The biggest stockist of Mod Revival Records and memorabilia.

March Of The Mods - Steve's site is a great source of information on all mod bands from 79 onwards. HIGHLY RECOMENDED.

Mod 79 Net - A good site with lots of Mod discography's, links and info.

The Modern World - A good site with lots of articles on Mod related bands - 60's and mod revival.

Mod Revival - Dedicated to the renewal of 79.

Links to more good music

Paul Weller - Official site of Paul Weller.

The Boss - Official site of this top mid 80's Mod band.

The Discords - Top Medway band.

Links to more good stuff.

Mohair Sweets - Canadian site that is well in to Mod Culture.

Department S - Top new wave band of the early 80's, now inclunding BTZ's Sam Burnett.

Scootculture - Lots of scooters here.

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