Old Soul Rebel (Area Pireta Records)

1 Intro (Oberti)
2 Somebody stole my Thunder (G.Fame)
3 Camel walk (Ashford/Simpson/Armstead)
4 Abba (Paragons)
5 Harley Gnarley (A.Holder)
mixed with Glory Boys (Ian Page)
6 Hey Bulldog (Lennon- McCartney)
7 Visionary (Bob Mould )
8 I don't need no doctor (Ray Charles)
9 Lady Day and John Coltrane (Gil Scott Heron)
10 Keep the faith (P.Negri-R.Oberti)
11 Harmony (Sly Stone)
12 Hey Sha Lo Ney (Mckey Lee Lane)
13 Love is like an itching in my heart (Holland-Dozier-Holland)
14 Spettro (P.Weller)
15 These boots are made for walking (Lee Hazlewood )
16 Jazzarythm acid stomp (G.Rossi)
17 Unsquare dance (Dave Brubeck)


Bob Manton (Purple Hearts), Chris Philpott (Small World), Adrian Holder (Moment), Allan Crockford (JTQ/Prisoners/Solarflares), Doug Roberson (Diplomats of Solid Sound), Tony Perfect (Long Tall Shorty), Yo Kalb (SoulSnatchers), Luca Re (Sick Rose), Lilith , Paolo Apollo Negri (Link Quartet/Wicked Minds), Kathy Ruestow and Abbie Sawyer from Diplomettes, Lucio Calegari (Wicked Minds), MiniVip, Temponauts, Simone Modicamore (Warm Morning), Sergio Milani (Kina/Frontera), Oskar Giammarinaro (Statuto), Link Quartet...

"Old Soul Rebel" was the result of a three years work in studio and at the PC, looking for contacts and collaborations with some musicians, highly esteemed and loved by Tony Face. He gathered them together in his side project "Big Roll Band" and they gave birth to this record. The album is a collection of covers including Mod anthems and Soul gems as well as Beat and Punk Rock.

A long and strenuous workload paid off, the satisfaction to see a list of legendary names side by side on the same album.

On 'Hey So La Ney', "This track features Tony and the Temponauts with BOB MANTON of PURPLE HEARTS. This version is nearer to the Mickey Lee Lane original than that by The Action. ....."

The album "Old Soul Rebel" is out on Area Pirata Records, also features some mod heroes from Italy and England. Including Chris Philpott (Small World), Adrian Holder (Moment), Alan Crockford (Prisoners/JTQ/Solarflares/Stabilisers), Tony Perfect (Long Tall Shorty), Yo Kalb (Soulsnatchers, Temponauts) Luca Re (Sick Rose), Paolo Apollo Negri as well as Bob Manton.

Tony Face

"If Area Pirata keeps on at this rate, I'll have eventually to pick up Italian, just to be able to read the liner notes of their wonderful releases. The latest offering is Tony Face Big Roll Band's "Old Soul Rebel".

For those not in the know, Tony Face is a legendary figure of the Italian Mod scene, being a drummer, journalist, producer, DJ and all around Mod aceface! He started as the drummer of seminal Italian punk band, Chelsea Hotel and since then, he has played with many other bands, most notably with hammond hipsters Link Quartet.

Old Soul Rebel is his personal effort, which took 3 years to make and with a guest list to die for, he has gathered an ensemble cast of Mod's who is who. Luca Re (Sick Rose), Allan Crockford (The Prisoners), Paolo Apollo Negri (Link Quartet), and Bob Manton (The Purple Hearts) among others, parade through an eclectic setlist that sounds like the soundtrack for the perfect Mod gathering. Playing mostly covers, the Big Roll Band tackle soul, garage, freakbeat and punk, choosing songs from such diverse acts like Georgie Fame, the Paragons, Husker Du and Gil Scott Heron. So, Mods could do a lot worse than stuffing this CD in their parka pocket, on their way to the next allnighter!"

Fuzz Overdose Webzine

Also out the new book "Rabbia e stile. La cultura mod" (in Italian) about the music of the mods from the 40's till today.

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