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March 07

Due to persistent problems with Orange, who took over Wanadoo/Freeserve last year. The site has had to moved to a new address, which upsets me greatly as the web site had been based there for seven years. My personal experiences of dealing with orange have left me with a bad taste, technical centre based in India has been clueless, there on-line help sent me some e-mails with link to help files - all of which did not work, the level of incompetence and disinterest from Orange has lead to me to moving the site. They came out as worst provider on Watchdog recently, I find myself in total agreement.

May 2006

 Simon Stebbing has recorded a three track ep with Buddy Ascott (The Chords, The Rage & Pope), Fay Hallam (Makin Time, Phaze & The Fay Hallam Trinity) & Mike Evans (The Action) under the name Speakeasy!.

Paul Hooper Keeley of Biff Bang Pow! has put this project together. The single is available now and full details can be found by clicking the picture below.

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March 2006

Bob Manton has recorded a 4 track demo with 'The Marksmen'. The tracks have been recorded under the name The Marksmen featuring Bob Manton. The four tracks are all written by Bob and he does lead vocals on two of the tracks and plays guitar. More details and hopefully a sample soon.

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March 2004

The Romford Town 4, the band which is being lead by Simon Stebbing and Gary Sparks are getting more active. See the RT4 Gig Guide to catch them. They do play a lot of Hearts songs and new material. They are well worth checking out.

Mod Aid 20

Simon Stebbing was heavily involved in this project and was part of the house band. The official web site is:

Brian Kotz of Back To Zero has written in depth about this recording, read his story at:

February 2004

As some of you may have already heard, unfortunately The Purple Hearts have had to pull out off the Morecambe show. I have spoken with the band and they would like me to issue this statement:

"We apologise to the fans and the promoters who we have inadvertently let down, the reason why The Hearts cannot do the gig is due outside influences. Due to our interests outside of music and one of us living miles away from London - it has proved impossible for us to get together for rehearsals. We would rather not play than do a gig that is not going to be worthy of the paying public. We hope our fans can respect and understand this decision. We would also like to take this opportunity to wish the promoters and the bands  all the very best of luck with the Morecambe event."

On Thursday 11th December 2003

INDIE SPIN presents at The Rhythm Factory 16-18 Whitechapel Road

London E1

BANDS;     Long Tall Shorty    Mod legends  

Check out

 The RT4  Mod/punk highbred rhythm factory favourites. Featuring Gary Sparks on drums and Simon Stebbing on guitar both from the Mod revival of 1978 leading band  " The Purple Hearts ". They are joined by Shaun Rogan on bass and Mike Herbage on guitar of Department S - Is Vic there?

Completing the bill are ;-

            The Kicks - described as Bob Dylan meets the Doors in Manchester' 94.

Cost 5 or 3 with Special Flyer/NUS Card
DJ Wayne Bootleg
Time: Club Doors open 8pm - first band on stage 8-45
Front Bar open all day until late
Contact Mark Taylor on 07958314852 Fax. 0208 257 2318
The Rhythm Factory 16-18 Whitechapel Rd, E1-located near Aldgate East Tube.
Tel. 0207 375 3774 or 0207 247 9386



Follow this link for details.

August 2003

Follow the link below.

Gig News

May 2003


I recently recieved this from Captain Mod about this album.

OK, I've had a licensing request in with Universal / Fiction for nearly seven years now. At first it was the usual `majors' attitude - no returned calls or letters or faxes, etc... Then they don't know if they own it, then they do own it but want to charge a fortune in advance for it. God knows how these companies make any money!

The situation now is that Fiction is now wholly owned by Universal and I have a good guy up there called Kevin Phelan who is sorting it out so FINALLY we should be able to release this year.


The RT4


Gary Sparks

Has done an interview for Steve's excellent web site at:

November 2002

The Legendary RT4 will be returning to the London stage on December 5th 2002 @ The Rythm Factory (Doors 7:30pm), Whitechaple,E1. This godless event will once again provoke.....

Featuring Shaun 'Sqatter' Rogan (Ex God) on Bass, Simon 'Concience' Stebbing (Ex Purple Hearts) on Guitar and vocals, Gary Sparks (Ex Purple Hearts) on skins and Mike Herbage (Ex Department -S-) on Guitar. After the raging success of last years one off aural assault on the senses of the great unwashed, the '4' have been pursauded to tread the boards once again for an evening of Cultural Terrorism and hellish noise. Also featured are the very wonderful

Serious Drinking, with thier own brand of social comment and chaotic mahem, along with the Zimmermen, bringing a new meaning to the works of Bob Dylan (meaning he wishes he hadn't written the songs!).

Miss this major cultural event at your peril, It may not happen again!


***Also be prepaired for the Department S LP re-issue. 'Sub-Stance' is released in it's original format, remastered with original artwork and extensive sleeve notes in January 2003. For further details visit the web site.  ***


May 2002

The rarities project with Detour takes a step closer to release with the sleeve designs now in the final stages. Having heard some of the material to be released this is going to be an essential recording for any collector. The eventual release will contain 23 tracks spread over 2 CD's and the quality is EXCELLENT, some of the recordings have never been available before bootleg or otherwise.

Featured Tracks:

Plane Crash (Best version - much faster.)

Concrete Mixer (This sounds like a professional studio version and the piano allegedly played by Weller can clearly be heard. Just for information here - "Concrete Mixer" is in the Paul Weller Biography "My Ever Changing Moods" listed in the discography section.)

Hazy Darkness & I'll make You Mine (Studio Quality.)

Just Like Real Life (A classic - i love this track.)

Friends Again & My Life's a Jigsaw (Demo versions - significantly different to the released versions.)

Your Side Of Heaven (A cover of the Back To Zero classic. Live from Mods Mayday 99.)

Also the "Purple Hearts" feature on the compilation "Rude Boy Revival". The track being "Millions Like Us". Jeff Shadbolt supplied a lot of the memorabilia seen in the sleeve notes and the scooter seen in the advert on TV.

Also Rhythm Vicar has seen fit to release yet again "Head On Collision Time".

WE HOPE to see "Beat That!" released before the summer, details will appear on this site as soon as it is available. Hopefully this will end the need to keep releasing "Head On Collision" as the band hate that recording and feel that it does not represent their live sound.

November 2001

The Purple Hearts members involved are Simon Stebbing and Gary Sparks. They will be performing some Purple Hearts tracks with Mike Herbage of Department S.

September 2001

The "Cutting Edge" mod compilation which features The Purple Hearts is due to be reissued on CD. It will be released on 24th September on Rhythm Vicar (cat no: PREACH035CD). The CD will also feature 3 bonus tracks.

A big thanks to Mark Barret for this info.

Mark does The Mods Mailing List (

The Purple Hearts track is "Let's Get A Burger Man".

Which features The Rage guitarist "Steve Moran" as "Simon Stebbing" was unavailable for the recording.

February 2001

The long awaited Purple Hearts demos and rarities album takes a step nearer completion this week (Catalogue number DRLP/CD031),there will be around 24 tracks on possibly a double album. We have been into the studio with Hearts guitarist Simon Stebbing and have cleaned up everything and copies of what we have done have been sent out to the band members to see what they think.

From Detour Details No:6

August/September 2000

On Target Magazine - issue 9 - has a Purple Hearts feature. An interview with Jeff and how he came to be doing so well with his Scooter Shop.

"Beat That!"

I can now confirm that "Captain Mod" have obtained the rights to "Beat That!", but Polydor are being extremely slow in releasing the tapes. I cannot give you a date for when it will be available, except to say that it is on it's way.

Summer 2000

"Head On Collision Time Again!"

The last two Purple Hearts albums - "Head On Collision Time" & "Popish Frenzy" have just been released on CD. This includes great sleeve notes from Tony Garp and all new colour packaging. Go to my list of suppliers to get your copy.

The following has been taken from Detour Records website.

Follow the above link - Detour Details is a great source of info for all Mod Revival news. Only Purple Hearts and related material will be included here.

The Purple Hearts, lead singer Bob Manton and guitarist Simon Stebbing have recorded a new album together. This will be Bobs first solo recording since his single No Tree's in Brixton Prison. I have no more information about this at present.

The Purple Hearts who are currently working on a rarities compilation which is set to be released on Detour in the near future. The band have been busy sifting through tapes to sort out the tracks. Set to be included are 'Gun for life' (the original title), 'Another day', 'When I see you' and 'Smashing time', all these date from 1981. Also set to be released are the Hearts BBC sessions which comprise of 'Frustration', 'Nothings left', 'Beat That!' and 'Millions like us' from the Peel session and 'Jimmy', 'Extraordinary sensations', 'I've been away' and 'Frustration' from the Mike Read session, also set to receive an official release is the Hearts 1979 In concert recording.

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