Romford Town 4


Sometimes things smoulder longer than they should before catching fire again. Such is the case of the East London collective, The RT4.


                                                        From left to  right: Gary Sparks, Shaun Rogan, Simon Stebbing and Mark Taylor

The band have an impressive pedigree consisting of two key members of critically acclaimed late 70's Modernists The Purple Hearts, guitarist/vocalist Simon Stebbing and drummer Gary Sparks, a renegade from post punk interlopers Department S, bassist, Mark Taylor and founding member of late 80's sonic terrorists God, later of moody melodicists Mercedes, Shaun Rogan.

The band was originally hatched in 2000 and debuted at the MORO Festival held at legendary East London venue the Rhythm Factory. They played spasmodically over the next couple of years until now when the have coalesced into a fearsome live outfit that is going to retain a profile on the live scene for the foreseeable future with no more 18 month gaps between performances. The mystique of the RT4 remains powerful and an increasing vocal support is gathering around them.

They are gathering a growing fan base, appreciative of their unique moulding of psychedelia/mod/punk/blues/soul which is providing a distinctive voice to the burgeoning London live music scene. Think Syd Barrett locked in a room with Keith Richards and the rhythm section of The Who and you're kind of getting there.

Take a ride with the RT4.

Next gig is @ The Good Ship, 289 Kilburn High Road, NW6 7JR - 26th April

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