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just saw the site..well done...

wanted to quote my best purple hearts gig...

it was quite a late gig, maybe 1981, can't remember when but I do remember that it was at Feltham Football Club, something to do with the youth offenders place down there...we'd all gone down on scooters from Woodford and it was bloody cold...great gig as usual but on the way out, just as we pulled across the dual carriageway, this massive Rolls Royce jumped the lights on the cross street and ploughed straight into my Lambretta...I'd managed to get my legs out the way and i wasn't badly hurt, but i did get thrown about a dozen yards onto the i looked up and tried to rise all i could see was my mangled Lammy and a rather wobbly looking Leslie Crowther picking his way across the street, stepping over the smashed up lights and mirrors. I staggered to my feet, blood pissing out of torn sta prest whilst he minced towards me to apologise...well to be honest it's not every day that you get run over by Peter Glazes side kick (early 70s joke to all you kids) so I had to find the whole thing quite funny...As we were swapping insurance details, the rest of the Woodford scooters had parked up and had realised just who had hit me...needless to say they started with the jokes about Crackerjack pencils and by the end of it were rocking his car from side to side whilst chanting obscene songs about Charlie Carole...a suitably bewildered Crowther made his excuses and left!

This band were so good I named my fanzine after them

Eddie Piller
Extraordinary Sensations Mod Fanzine 1979 - 1985

    The Purple Hearts along with The Chords and The Circles helped me learn to play guitar. Many times I had my guitar loud playing along, getting lost in the idea that I was also in the band, doing windmills on the guitar etc.. It all use to end with my mother/father telling me to shut up. At Mods Mayday 99 I thought they were great and had seen them before at Peterborough in 1985 and at the Lowestoft Mod rally. 'Jimmy' is my favourite, especially the ending. It's great that you are doing a site on them. So many forget that a lot of these bands inspired us in the first place and slag off the revival bands as just copy's of  The Jam, you only have to meet Buddy from The Chords to understand that they were as much influenced by The Who as the bloody Jam.

Andrew Lindsay (Who does The Chords web site)

    The Purple Hearts - fond memories of a May Saturday morning in Carnaby Street hanging around the flea market trying to look the cool 14 year old Mod and returning home with my first Purple Hearts record 'My Life's A Jigsaw'. Unfortunately my record player had died a partial death, the speakers would not work. So I decided to tape 'My Life's A Jigsaw' and play it on my cassette player. A well worth exercise as it is an excellent record the next week I went and purchased 'Jimmy' for 50p - what a bargain. I spent the next week painting Purple Hearts on to the back of my Parka. After the great piece of work had been finished my brother decided it should be his privilege to show my art talents off at school, unfortunately he didn't bank on our mum being aware that Purple Hearts were a favourite sixties drug and when she saw him walking down the road - she chased after him in her clapped out Metro and made him take it off. " You can't walk around advertising drugs" was the words she used. Whatever happened to that Parka????

Jon Reeves

    I saw The Purple Hearts twice. Late August 79 at the Sheffield Limit Club as part of March Of The Mods 79 Tour along with Secret Affair and Back To Zero, this was a fantastic evening. Packed to the rafters and a great air of excitement, especially seeing at first hand, how Mod had spread to the north of England, it had been bubbling under for about the previous 12 months on the northern scooter scene. Six weeks earlier I had been to the limit club to see The Special AKA. This was an exciting period and to be part of it was superb. Saw The Purple Hearts a further time in November 79 at the Lincoln Drill Hall, The Nips were supporting.

Sean Chapman

    Romford's Number One. If ever a band deserved recognition it's the Hearts. Solid Mod. Only saw them once at Walthamstow, I believe they were the most respected "Revival" band even amongst Mods favouring tradition. Oddly tonight I saw a page for Jamie O'Keefe who is publishing 'Glory Boys' the book soon, but there were '79 pics, with Bob Manton wearing a parka!. Purple Hearts dressed cool I don't see the Mods in bovver boot tag. There may not be 'Millions Like Us' but there's definitely a few that care about the Purple Hearts.


    Well done about bloody time there was a Purple Hearts site. I was/am a dedicated follower and must have seen them about 30 - 40 times. I first saw them at the Bridgehouse in Canning Town and then they were for ever playing the Greyhound in Seven Kings as well as the usual places. I used to go to the Greyhound (The Electric Ballroom) 3 times a week and I remember one time after yet another brilliant gig we were all outside getting ready to leave when a load of Hells Angels turned up. There was a lot of confusion as no one knew why they were here or what they wanted (at the time I was always one for having a go at our tribal enemies but I definitely drew the line at the Hells Angels, that's how come I'm still alive). Anyway, the next thing I know Jeff Shadbolt is outside and very pissed. He starts offering  them all out much too everyone's horror. The bouncers got him back inside and some  how the incident was defused. I see Jeff here and there when I drop in to his shop. He reckons he doesn't remember that night. It's mad really as Jeff was always a hero to me and I used to buy his second hand 60's records from his Mum and Dad's market stall in Romford. Now I can pop in and chat to him when ever I like. Can't do that with Paul Weller or Ian McLagan. I was at Mods Mayday 99 too and was jumping round at the front. I love The Chords as well so that was a special day for me too. I have loads of stories I could bore you with. I also have some pictures that I took at the Bridgehouse on that famous night when there was so many of us that the owners came on stage to ask everyone to stop dancing and jumping up and down because the cellar/venue floor was caving in. Good luck with the site.

Charlie Magrie AKA Terry Cecil. 

    As a 13 year old Mod in 1979, I heard 'Millions Like Us' on the radio and at the time it was one of the best songs that I'd ever heard. Absolutely superb. Unfortunately being stuck in Edinburgh meant that I didn't  get the chance to see the band live until the mid 80's (after they had reformed) when they played a gig in Dundee. By that time I had joined the ranks of the football casuals but went up on a coach full of Mods from Edinburgh. An eventful night to say the least. The band were great, not all the Dundee Mods were happy to see a bus load from Edinburgh including a casual at their gig, and when we left we had to fight our way back to the bus through a huge gang of Dundee United casuals who had come along to fight the Mods. I overdosed on adrenalin that night.. but it was all worth it. Saw the band again at Mods Mayday 99 and they are just as good and relevant now, and that's why they should gig again. They were always more than just another Mod band (as were The Chords), it's a pity that the media were unable to recognise this.

Gavin (Edinburgh).

     Hello Lads. Nice one. Just want to wish you all the best.

Ian Page.

     The Purple Hearts were an important part of the '79 Mod explosion. I think its fair to say I know the lads fairly well and have supported them from there earliest day of rehearsing in a garage in Romford. I followed the Hearts throughout their career and have been through a lot with them. I suppose Jeff became a close friend because we were both really in to the scene in a big way. What Weller was to the Jam, Jeff was to the Hearts. We did so many things together from taking care of business at gigs to recording tracks of our own. They were the greatest days of my life and will stay with me forever. I am so pleased that somebody has finally decided to set up a web site dedicated to The Purple Hearts and give them something back for the pleasure that their music still gives many people today over two decades later. I give it my full support.

Jamie O'Keefe (Romford - Essex).

    Great site, brought back tons of memories. The Purple Hearts were an incredible influence on the Mod scene in the 80's and I am pleased to see that somebody has put a site together for them. I've actually been in the opening act for them twice, once in Peterborough in '85 and also at Mod Aid '85. Opened up for The Rage quite a lot too, so I got to see a lot of Jeff (top bloke!!) throughout that time period. It was a great experience for me which I will never forget. The Threads even cheekily ripped off the beginning of 'Frustration' on our song called 'Sorry' what a great song and what a great influence.

Guy Brader (Guitarist of mid 80's Mod band 'The Threads'). 

    Just found the site - great stuff. I first saw The Purple Hearts at the same Dundee gig as Gavin from Edinburgh. A bus load of us from Falkirk travelled up and spent most of the night fighting / running from Dundee casuals. The gig was busted by the police for underage drinking (we were only 15/16!!!). Second Generation from Edinburgh supported. Great memories stirred by the website - thanks.

Paul (Falkirk)

    The Purple Hearts were one of my favourite groups too  and I all knew them all pretty well, especially (Just) Jeff and Simon. I first saw the Hearts on the March Of The Mods Tour with Secret Affair and must have seen them about 35 times. They were an inspirational part of my life. The last time I saw them play was the two gigs at the 100 club in December 84. Unfortunately I wasn't around for Mods Mayday last year at the Forum. My local Mod pub used to be the Castle in Tooting, South London and being a fan of The Hearts I was well pleased when I persuaded them to come down there and play. Christ I was in seventh heaven, my fave group playing at my local, all me mates there - what a night. I tell you one thing - I think they were the best Mod group by a long way, miles better than Secret Affair or The Chords. Weller thought so too!. I'm really glad someone's doing a site on such a great group.

Des Behan

    Hitchin Regal 1981? Why The Purple Hearts were never as big as Secret Affair - who knows? I joined the fan club - I think the fanzine was called 'Smashing Time'. The Hearts were the band for me - I remember them on a pop program called 'Get It Together' singing 'My Life's A Jigsaw' and then they were gone!.

Romford's Rowdiest - Simon

    Like millions of others The Jam was THE band for me in 1979 - 82. Passing my driving test in 1980 allowed me get in to London as frequently as 3 times a week to see bands such as The Purple Hearts, The Chords and others such as 007, Onlookers, Small World, Apocalypse, Hidden Charms, Miles Over Matter, Long Tall Shorty, Prisoners and countless others whose names I cannot recall. I remember a gig involving The Hearts in the summer of 1981. That was the year of the race riots up and down the country. The gig was in Southall, not the smartest idea to promote a Mod band in such a location. One of our number of 5 was clad in a Union Jack T-shirt. Tension was rising when we were walking to the gig, a milk bottle broke at our heels and it was off!.....    The gig itself passed off incident free. Inside it was celebratory and euphoric. A ballroom attached to a pub holding about 250 people and packed to the rafters. Remember getting off with a girl in a mini dress and those cream coloured ribbed tights that were all the rage at the time!

Terry Pullen

    The Purple Hearts were/are one of my favourite bands of all time. I remember seeing the band years ago in Belfast in a small club called "The Delta Ballroom", a sleazy dive frequented by local Mod's, this would have been in the mid/late eighties. I loved them then and I love them now. Keep burnin!.

Colin Gould

    Glad to see the website, I've been a fan since they first came out. Probably one of the most underrated bands of the time, but I loved them. I've seen them about half a dozen times so far but a few more gigs would definitely be welcome.

Stoo (Modchild)

    For me, the Purple Hearts were the best band in '79 and in Vienna (my home town) there was always two favoured Mod groups. Most said that Secret Affair were the best, but I favoured the Purple Hearts. I love them!.

Gerald (Vienna)

    Purple Hearts - I saw em twice. First time was Port Talbot Troubador in around May 1980, the week after The Chords played there. The Chords (my fave raves) were inexplicably rubbish and didn't even do an encore, but The Hearts blew everyone in Troubador apart. Entire South Wales Mod contingent was there and we were instant converts.    With one exception, that is. On my return to Swansea one self styled Ace Face poured scorn on the band I'd just seen. "Punk Lover" he snarled - can you believe that? With such narrow mindedness no wonder Mod's prime was soon spent.    Second time I ventured up to see em' play  the Ilford Palais in Oct '81. The Chords had split up the previous month and I was still in mourning, but The Hearts cheered me up no end. The Palais was huge and amazing, like something out of 'Blow Up'. Hundreds of scooters outside bore mocking testimony to the music press's assertion that Mod was dead!!! Shall never forget Bob Manton come on stage sporting a grey top hat! Talk about a Mad Hatter's Tea Party - what a night. In chart terms can anyone explain the "Total Eclipse Of The Hearts" ? Why they didn't make TOTP?

Mike Watkinson

    First came across them in 1980 or 1981 when my mate's brother swapped his copy of 'Millions Like Us' for my 'Going Underground' double single. I then proceeded to collect all five singles and the 'Beat That!' LP. My best recollection of the group was in 1985 , when a Xmas Mod weekend was organised in London. I travelled down from Aberdeen and spent the Friday night drinking with the group at a gig in Camden (Makin Time, Billy from The Chords and I think The Prisoners were playing - part of a Countdown night!). I've still got photos to prove it! Anyway Jeff asked me to send all my record covers down to him so that the group could sign them - which I did. I've also got a copy of the Unicorn single and Razor LP. Along with The Chords, The Purple Hearts were excellent.

Pete Mathieson

    Saw the cool site of one of the best Mod-Revival bands ever. Greeting from Vienna; Stay Smart.


    I remember seeing The Hearts at the Ilford Palais with the local crew 'Barkingside Mods'. Loads of scooters parked outside, hundreds of Mods inside. All the local crews were there as well as firms from all over the country. Brilliant gig as always. A few years later Mod went underground, shutting out revival Mod bands and soul play lists only were played at clubs. The Hearts came back into my live courtesy of Tony Class who organised an all dayer at the Hippodrome of all places. Polite clapping as opposed to the enthusiastic cheers they got at the Ilford all dayer. Still we had a good day out, even though they didn't do 'Scooby Doo'. I still got a promo copy of "Beat That!" which strictly said on the cover  "NOT FOR SALE", but of which I paid twenty quid for! Millions Like Us! You betcha.

Timothy Man

    I confess, I never saw the Purple Hearts live. I was 14 at the time and they were advertised to play in a club in Leysdown, Kent, but my mum and dad wouldn't let me go! I was so upset and pissed off. they realised they had made a mistake and I got to see The Chords the following week. That was a total rush - my first gig The Chords at the Marquee! I had to go to school the next day and I could not hear a thing, my ears were ringing for 2 days! But I'm still pissed I didn't get to see the Hearts especially reading the E-mails from everyone who got to see the band and how great they were live. I'm anxiously awaiting the release of 'Beat That!' on CD hopefully re-mastered with all the B sides etc... What a fantastic band. Of all the Mod revival bands including The Jam, they sounded the most like the '65-'66 Who and they were probably the most underrated. Why no airplay???  Radio still makes the same old mistakes, right!. I went home last night and stuck on 'Millions Like Us' and the B side 'Beat That!'. What a great band! What a sound! I'm actually thinking about forming a band doing 60's covers punked up with their sound. Thing is, I now live in California - I wonder if they'll get it. This band was superb and deserved some bloody success - God bless this web site for keeping it alive...


    Good to see a site on the Purple Hearts - gives fresh life to a late 30-ite! Recently bought the "Head On Collision Time Again!" double CD - brings back many memories!

Ian Dunstan

    Stumbled over this site! Can't believe it, I used to see the Purple Hearts when they just started. I saw them at the Bridgehouse loads of times and I remember 20 of us went to Southport for one gig. We had a major row with the locals. But if you want to, you can move in desert boots!. It was brief but I followed Small Hours, Secret Affair, Chords and The Hearts all around for maybe 9 months.


    I have one regret from my Mod days and that was not going to see the Purple Hearts at the Delta Ballroom in Belfast in the mid 80's. I did not have much money and had already bought a ticket to see Makin Time, in the Abercon Bar before I knew the Hearts coming. From what I heard from my mates they said there were about 600 Mods crammed in to the Delta and god I wish I had been there.

Neil (Ulster)

   I watched the Purple Hearts at the Ilford Palais, what a great band, terribly under valued and should have gone on to big things.  we were so privileged back then, you could see a good band on any given night absolutely live, music is dying to electronic noise today.  You know after leaving the scene finally in the late 80's having been 'in' since '77 and having sold my Lammy, at the grand age of 36 I just got a Lammy and am looking forward to the runs and dos next year.  A big thanks to all those bands for great times.

Phil Rickards

   Used to see a lot of Punk bands, in particular The Members (57 times, great gigs).  Some of the regular faces at these gigs said to come along and see this Mod band, must have been late '78, poss '79.  Can still remember that feeling when I realised that this bunch actually HAD something; could write belting tunes that gave me goosebumps.  My eldest daughter, two year ago when aged 5, could sing along to "Frustration" *when the Missus was not around).  Still an electrifying single - why was this band not massive?

Mike Lacey, Reading

   I saw the Purples at a school in Crawley.  They were gonna play a hastily arranged gig for a mate that had come out of prison and loads of us from the Brighton area managed to get tickets.

   We arrived to see hundreds of scooters outside and a school caretaker that really didn't know what had hit him.  It was a mad night with all the best songs being played.  A little stall with tapes, mugs and discs was pushed over and the stuff pinched, incredible. 


   I went to the famous Dundee gig with 20 or so of the Ayrshire Mods, we got done in as well.  But wasn't it worth it.


   Seen the Hearts at Dundee in '86 and at Mods Mayday '99.  Stonkin'.  Want to see as much stuff as poss re-released on modern format as my vinyl material is starting to look it's years.  The scene is still trying to hold itself together up here but it's tough.  Only "do's" that you hear the "Revival" classics are National, but still trying to re-educate these young 'uns whenever I can.

Stevie T

   Oh me God!  How refreshing to learn that I'm not the only one clinging to the Mod revival.  I have a very great fondness of Purple Hearts, from being about 12 years old and not having much in the way of cash (I only actually owned 'Plane Crash') but piling round to an older mate's house to listen to 'Beat That' album over and over.  Even at that age when most kids had only heard of The Jam I took pride in the fact that I appreciated a band who were at times better that the old Modfather himself! (although Mr Weller is now my present from God for being a good boy).  The point I'm trying to make is that now after 15-20 years of not much in the way of decent commercial music I can actually stop banging my head and switch the radio off to get back to some of the most influential music of my life thus far.  Purple Hearts/The Chords/Squire/Secret Affair and the like got me some funny looks way back when and undoubtedly will now but what the hell, with music this good I'm not about to give up the ghost.

Paul Carson

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