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The best selling & most popular of the Purple Hearts albums, 1980's BEAT THAT! still sounds like one of the New Wave era's great LP's. NME described it as....

"a potent pot-pourri of The Monkees, The Yardbirds, The Pistols and The Clash"
and "they stand head and shoulders above the flotsam as the best things to come out of the whole (Mod Revival) shebang."

It contains 2 of the great Fiction era singles (the CD release added Millions Like Us & b-sides) in 'Jimmy' & 'Frustration' plus live favorites 'I've Been Away', 'Can't Stay Here' & David Bowie's "Can't Help Thinking About Me". Housed in a lovely pop-art sleeve, it really is the bands defining hour.

It stands as the best example of the post-punk Mod Revival era. You can hear as much Clash as Yardbirds and sounds more Count Five than Secret Affair.

Track listing:


1. Jimmy

2. Perfect World

3. Something You Can't Have

4. Beat That!

5. Nothing's Left

6. Frustration

7. If You Need Me

8. Can't Stay Here

9. Can't Help Thinking About Me

10. Slay It With Flowers

11. I've Been Away

Captain Mod Re-Issue includes:

12. Millions Like Us

13. Beat That! (single version)

14. Extraordinary Sensations

15. What Am I Gonna Do

Produced By Chris Parry

Fiction Records

March 1980


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