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Extraordinary Sensations mod fanzine


The Mod revival was captured at it's best by the eras fanzines. These homemade magazines, usually designed at home by fans of the Mod scene, were usually cut and paste jobs, but contained info on the bands and the Mod world that was either ignored or ridiculed by the mainstream music press and contemporary media.

Here are some the zines that featured the Purple Hearts on their cover & within their pages.Shapes of things mod powerpop music fanzine

To see many more of the eras fanzines in all their 70s/80s Xerox glory then visit http://modrevival.piczo.com/ or to read some interviews with the Hearts from back in the day then click below .

Here are more Purple Hearts fanzine covers!

Extraordinary Sensations mod music fanzine

Maximum Speed mod revival music fanzine