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soho review purple hearts review iow

Purple is the best colour


So what inspired me the most to go to the Isle Of Wight International Scooter rally this August Bank Holiday 2009. Was it the thought of up to 25000 sharp looking Scooters, was it the thought of Partying with some current mates and mates from the past years, or was it that The Purple Hearts were playing the event ? It's a big thumbs up to all 3, BUT the Purple Hearts playing was real puller for me and some of my mates.

The Ryde Theatre was the perfect place for this gig, a 1000 capacity, a great Stage and a good vibe. There was an added bonus that my old mates Adrian Holder and Robert Moore were supporting that night in the new look Moment, top draw stuff from the Whistle Blowers that night.The D'J 's were setting the pass near to the Hearts coming on with some classic '79 Mod Tunes and then the boys hit the stage.

Top boys Mod 79

Were talking neat Purple Hearts Backdrops and lots of East London Mod swagger still, in fact you could see where Ian Brown got all those early moves from, he must have watched Robert Manton and learnt his trade.Still able to more than command the whole stage, Manton used and performed on every inch of it, he has not lost any of that Front man magic that made him one of the most talented at his trade .Not to say that all the other ORIGINAL members did not do their best to make it a very special show, Gary Sparks beating the the drums with such cool command, Simon Stebbing still fronting every bit of the guitar work with gutso and The Coolest Mod Jeff Shadbolt, keeping the Bass back line well on time.

swaggering-still owning the stage

You all know the tunes so there's no they did this and they did that, EXCEPT for the cover of Gloria, with added Jeff The Fish on Harp boy did it do that tune some justice.The crowd swelled as the band went on and it built from there, this band pulled lots of weight back in 79 and were there right up to the mark after most had gone by 1982.But here they were in 2009, yeah this band could blow most current bands away, Swaggering-still owning the stage.

soho strut base

Tony Clark

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