No Trees In Brixton Prison
Mainstreet Records
(MS101 - 1981)

Side 1 No Trees In Brixton Prison (Louis/Sarstedt/Singer)
Side 2 Brixton Walkabout (Louis/Sarstedt/Singer)

I asked Bob some questions about this release and got the following answers.

Question: How did you come to record this single?

Bob Manton: I am not sure why, but I was approached via Safari Records (I think) to do this single. The Mainstreet label was set up by Peter Sarstedt (of 'Where Do You Come From My Lovely' fame) and they had this song. I suppose I did it for the hell of it really. I was obviously flattered by the interest but I also thought I could swing a deal for The Hearts as we were in limbo after 'Jigsaw' came out on Safari. They weren't interested in The Hearts and wanted to do a follow up to 'No Trees'. As I didn't really like the record that much that was the end of that. Oh and I got £5 for the session!

Question: Who is the backing band?

Bob Manton: The backing were session men and it was recorded at Morgan Studios, Willesden, where 'Beat That!' was recorded.

Question: How many copies were made approx?

Bob Manton: Not too many I hope!.

Interview by James Cooper

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