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My Life's A Jigsaw /Just To Please You/Guy Who Made Her A Star
Safari Records
(SAFE 30)

Side 1 My Life's A Jigsaw (Shadbolt)
Side 2 Just To Please You (Shadbolt/Manton/Stebbing) /Guy Who Made Her A Star (Clarke)

Produced By Andy Arthurs. Safari Records SAFE 30
my lie's a jigsaw

This 1980 single was part of a one off deal with Safari Records. The A-Side is a great pop song by Jeff, which with more backing would have done better in the charts. The B-side is one of my favourite Purple Hearts sides matching the great garagey 'Just To Please You' with a near perfect cover of The Equals 'Guy Who made Her A Star'

The single came in two sleeves, near identical except one opens up at the jigsaw edge & the other is a normal side opening sleeve. Both carry the same catalogue number SAFE30

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Both tracks now available on the re-issued Uppers On The South Downs CD!

Also released on Various The Beat Generation And The Angry Young Men

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Info on The Equals 'Guy Who Made Her A Star' Single Album.

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