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Bob features on Tony Face Big Roll Band's (Italian Tony "Face" Bacciocchi) album Old Soul Rebel, along with a host of Mod heroes. He sings lead vocals on one track
'Hey Sho Lo Ney'.

Tony's blog says "This track features Tony and the Temponauts with BOB MANTON of PURPLE HEARTS. This version is nearer to the Mickey Lee Lane original than that by The Action. ....."

The album "Old Soul Rebel" is out now through Area Pirata Records, also features some mod heroes from Italy and England. Including Chris Philpott (Small World), Adrian Holder (Moment), Alan Crockford (Prisoners/JTQ/Solarflares/Stabilisers), Tony Perfect (Long Tall Shorty), Yo Kalb (Soulsnatchers, Temponauts) Luca Re (Sick Rose), Paolo Apollo Negri as well as Bob Manton.

The mp3 version of the album is available HERE (including a 30 second preview of the tune) we'll add a link to the CD/vinyl when we can find out where it's available?!

Out soon the new book "Rabbia e stile. La cultura mod about the music of the mods from the 40's till today.

See info on Bob's 1981 solo single click here